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A creative spin on an indoor marketplace, \

Mercato at Ave will feature 15 vendor spaces, called “casitas” offering a variety of local products such as candles, soaps, clothing, beauty supply, jewelry repair, drop off dry cleaners, fragrance station, high end sneakers, ice cream, cupcakes, and so much more. Guests can enjoy free Wi-Fi, hand-crafted coffee beverages, a wine and beer bar, lounge areas, live music events, and a mural designed for photo opportunities.

Jorge Arroyo and Reina Del Mar are the current owners of Hoja de Menta, a women’s boutique in town. Arroyo custom designed the boutique as well as OASIS The Kitchen Lounge in the Town Center, and is designing Mercato at Ave. “We wanted the inspiration to be a chic country village in a very welcoming environment for the whole family to enjoy.,” said Reina Del Mar.

The couple’s new business inspiration came from humble beginnings where they started selling clothing at the Ave Maria Farmers Market and grew their business and are now opening a second businesses in town. “We’re returning our gratitude. Our goal is to have this indoor marketplace serve as a platform for small business,” said Arroyo.

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